A-Salamu Alaekum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the masjid is closed indefinitely. Many of our income stream for meeting our obligations are severely impacted. We are calling on you to DONATE generously to keep the masjid running in this thriving time. May ALLAH replenish your purse. Amin

Brothers and sister in Islam, please make your voluntary contribution towards any of our projects and programs below by sending money to the PayPal address at the bottom of the page:

1. Construction Project: Due to the increasing size of the congregation and the need to expand our program for the benefit of the community, a few years ago we embarked on the $1.5M Masjid Rehabilitation/Expansion project. We recently obtained the City's design approval and inshallah hope to begin construction in coming months. Please your contribution is needed now more than ever.

2. Islamic Education Fund: We offers Islamic and Quran Recitation Classes for more than a hundred students in the community. Please donate any amount towards the Arabic and Quranic Education fund used for running program.

3. Utility Bills: Donation towards masjid maintenance and Utility bills.

4. Zakat or Sadaqa. We collect Zakat and distribute according to Islamic Injunctions. Voluntary donation (Sadaqa) are also welcomed.

5. Iftar donation: We provide daily Iftar dinner every Ramadan. Due to the unprecedented nature of the Covid-19 virus and the closure of the masjid, Iftar was suspended this year but we want to continue to provide for the needy amongst us during the month. Please donate toward this noble cause.

Verily the most beloved actions to Allah are those which are continuous, even though they may be little" (Narrated by Imam Muslim).

Allah (SWA) says:

“Who is the one who would give Allah a good loan so that Allah multiplies it for him many times? Allah withholds and extends, and to Him you are to be returned.” [2:245]

“Race with one another towards forgiveness from your Lord and towards a paradise the width of which spans the heavens and the earth. It has been prepared for the God-fearing, the ones who spend (for Allah's sake) in prosperity and adversity... and Allah loves those who do good.” [3:133-134]

The Prophet (SAW) has said:

“Be quick in giving Sadaqah, as a calamity cannot overtake Sadaqah.” - Mishkat

“Whoever builds a mosque (intending Allah's pleasure), Allah will build a similar place for him in Paradise.” - Bukhari

Donations can be made online with all major cards, PayPal or by mailing your donation to:

P.O. Box 40684, Staten Island, NY 10304.

Send PayPal Donations to: generalsecretary@masjidrahmatillah.org

All donations are tax deductible under IRS Sec. 501(c)(3).

Mission Board:

Imam T. Bakare

Dep. Imam B. Sanusi


Executive Officers:

 H. Olagoke /President

 A. Sadauna/Vice President

 S. Okeowo /Secretary General

 T. Alaya/PRO



Masjid Rahmatillah

P.O. Box 40545

Staten Island, NY 10304


Physical Address:
36 Hardy Street,

Staten Island, NY 10304.









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